Who we are looking for

We’re looking for ambitious people who want to make a difference in the world, who have big aspirations and aren’t afraid to go the extra mile to achieve them. Proactive go-getters who are always on the lookout for new opportunities and aren’t afraid to push boundaries and embrace innovation. 

We value curiosity and a thirst for knowledge, seeking individuals who aren't afraid to ask questions and explore new ideas. Those who have a genuine passion for delivering excellent service, always putting the needs of our clients first and striving to exceed their expectations. 

At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to our values, behaviours, and competencies, which you can learn more about below. We’ll be paying close attention to these areas throughout our application process – in the actions you take and the stories you share. So think about how you can demonstrate these qualities and provide examples of how you’ve applied them in your previous experiences, whether that’s in school, extracurricular activities, or previous employment. 

Our values

Safety first
Going home safe and well
Client focus
Deliver on our promise 
Create opportunity
For our people to excel 
Aways do the right thing 

Our behaviours

We are contributors We share our knowledge, insights and experience to make us better together. We play our part collectively and as individuals by delivering on our commitments and being accountable for our actions. 
We are collaborators We trust and proactively work together with our colleagues and clients globally. We actively listen and recognise everyone’s contribution. We operate as one connected team – where everyone feels included, valued, and respected. 
We are curious We listen, seek to understand, and constructively ask questions for a better outcome. We go beyond ‘what we always do’ towards everyday innovation, where we challenge the status quo to redefine the boundaries of ambition. 
We are champions We are an inclusive community driven by our common Mace purpose. We champion each other and actively seek different perspectives to find a better way. 

Our competencies

Build effective teams We aspire to be our best and perform at the highest standard we can.
Embrace change We are comfortable in a fast-paced environment where change is the norm. 
Solve problems ​​​​​​​
We pride ourselves on being resourceful and creative to find a better and safer way. 
Trusted relationships ​​​
We are passionate in building respectful relationships with clients, stakeholders, internal customers, colleagues and suppliers.