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Architecture and design
Architecture and design Every building project is dependent on a successful design process. It dictates the nature and complexity of the build, defining the resources needed, the time taken and the overall outcome. Our clients look to us to come up with better solutions, innovations and ideas in order to create a framework that always adds value and delivers results.
Construction and engineering
Construction and engineering Far more than just buildings, we see the built environment in a larger context, whether we are creating new neighbourhoods or ambitious new infrastructure projects. From building more safely and sustainably to adopting radical new methods of offsite delivery, our construct engine is leading the way in our sector.
Corporate services
Corporate services Our purpose challenges and energises us to improve, innovate and exceed expectations. And go beyond. To dream bigger and achieve more for every place, project and person we impact. Building a world where ambition has no boundaries. Our corporate teams are at the heart of everything we do.
Cost and Commercial Management
Cost and commercial management The effective management of cost is a critical factor in the successful delivery of our client's project objectives and outcomes. We are dedicated towards providing independent, impartial and value-driven advice on the full breadth of construction and property costs to secure real return on investment.
Executive Our leadership, with their extensive experience and clear vision, drive a culture that inspires creativity, values diversity, supports innovative industry-leading transformation and encourages the best to reach their full potential.

Health, safety and wellbeing
Health, safety and wellbeing From delivering an array of iconic buildings, to complex property and infrastructure projects and programmes for leading companies, we are responsible for the health and safety of everyone involved, and all of our employees are dedicated to this commitment
Planning and project controls
Planning and project controls No matter where in the world the project is, our clients benefit from our deep understanding of every sector, inclusive approach and global best practice that drives consistency in project delivery.
Project and programme management
Project and programme management Whether it is a single fit-out of a new building, a major programme of infrastructure over several years or a framework spanning many different countries, Mace’s project and programme managers have the ability to respond to our clients business needs.
Strategic advisory
Strategic advisory With a track record of delivering complex capital investment schemes – from portfolios to programmes to projects – we advise our clients from the earliest stage, providing insight, identifying risks and opportunities, and helping to overcome the biggest programme challenges.
Sustainability and responsible business
Sustainability and responsible business While our industry has taken steps to protect the planet by becoming more sustainable, what we have collectively achieved isn’t enough. We need to transform the way we build, refurbish, operate and repurpose the built environment.
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